Clients Reviews

  1. Maxsou

    Several orders to my credit, always satisfied with the quality, prices, delivery and customer service that is impeccable. I’ll be back.

  2. Larbear76

    So I got my refund so I’m happy about that. Unfortunately my mistake on the order cause a big delay and alittle confusion in regards to the back and forth emails. I would like to thank them for the refund it just the way u make contact could be improve. This is my first issue with this site other than this they have always came through with great product.

  3. Krazyrastaman

    Great service, quick process, excellent packaging and website. I have recommended and will continue to do so.

  4. CamilleBel

    Genial jadore les spin the wheel quand sa fonctionne et les petits cadeaux cela mencourage a acheter 🙂

  5. kromedome110

    Love the products and delivery time.
    But I’ve sent 2 emails because my order was short 3.5 grams when I purchased and paid for 7 grams of pineapple Express and have not received a reply.

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