Clients Reviews

  1. souzaorlando22

    once again the quality and service was very good and the delivery was fast. And i loved the complimentary pre rolls . Best weed dispensary online no doubt

  2. Falardeaumarco

    This site has by far been the best I’ve gone through so far, haven’t received my order yet but had great customer service and shipped immediately! Thanks alot bxn!

  3. Twogunkelly

    Excellent Staff providing excellent quick service.
    Gods Green Crack arrived in 2 days.
    Thought I didn’t really enjoy hybrids but this strain has changed my mind. Hope others can benefit from great pricing for an amazing product. Well done !

  4. kristina wood

    Came on time some of the order was wrong but I let customer service know and was given credit and free shipping very satisfied and was good stuff to what was in the order still and cheap to definitely will keep buying from here

  5. Kentronic

    Came 2 days early and they gave me extra on everything I ordered! Incredible

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