Clients Reviews

  1. davidbolarinho

    Amazing! Have been ordering from BXN for a few years now and have never had a negative experience with ordering. Top quality bud with many strians, followed by Ed and bills edibles that are quality as well.

  2. han519

    So amazing! The shipping is super quick, the prices are really good, the products are always excellent, and the website is super easy to use. I was skeptical at first giving my information online for a site like this, but everything has been super legit and confidential. I’d recommend them to anyone!

  3. Albertan8tivchic

    Definitely will be ordering again was very pleased only took 4 days and packing was excellent, one happy customer, dont know how to receive the coupon for my next order thou, thanks again BXN

  4. Eric Caron

    Amazing how they literally knew I wanted the black bloom vape pen. To add extra to that I got a container of my favorite hybrid blend. I’ve done ALL my bulk shopping through them. Almost 10,000 points too !. ZERO errors were made. The easiest transactions I’ve ever had with any online store hands down. 5 star. Can’t wait to see what new products come out for me to buy

  5. Twogunkelly

    Received first order and was NOT disappointed. Everything promised was band on. Looking forward to my next order. I am not sure how to receive my 10 percent discount for next order
    Thanks BXN

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