BXN Premium Pre-Roll (Hybrid Mix) – 3 Pack

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4.25 (20)

Limited time only! $11.99 for 3 Pre-Rolls!

Each Sativa Pre-Roll contains approximately 0.8 gram of lab-tested Hybrid flower mix.

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Product description

The BXN Premium Pre-Rolls are made from a mix of strains and include high quality flower. Machine rolled into perfect cones, and shipped in containers to prevent them from breaking during transit.

Each Hybrid Pre-Roll contains approximately 0.8 gram of lab-tested Hybrid flower mix.

Customer Reviews

Terrible joints:( sparked it up and tried to inhale but it was like smoking air and took it apart wow the grind was super fine no wonder why .. I don’t recommend the joints but the weed they sell is okay

We appreciate your feedback and aware of this issue. We will be sure to fix this issue as you’ve suggested.
I believe we’ve communicated about this and the matter is rectified. If not, please contact us directly.
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Got these hybrids in a three pack, nice case it came in, opened it up, wow ok nice doobs. Took em out inspected em ,packed ! Sparked one up but it was tough to smoke. So I did more inspection opened it up, and it was pretty much grinded WAY too much, no wonder it did not burn right. My recommendation would be to simply hand grind these pre rolls, because machine grinding makes the product simple put: fail ! You wanted a honest review you got it. Lol I put two stars cause I broke one up n put it in the grinder to bong. Went outside , most of the product went through the fine screen filter lol so lost half , now it’s mixed with my good thc , win some lose some. There’s my review !

This is some moderately pow stuff for the price you’re getting it for… Smokes great and has a pretty descent taste too lol. Only thing I would recommend for next time is to pack some more in them papers but other than that, quality product budex

Excellent price, and very potent.

nice samples. i have had nothing but good product from BXN.

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