Green Crack

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GREEN CRACK –  Named after its super invigorating effects (not its contents), Green Crack induces a mental buzz unlike any other sativa. The extremely sharp focus and energetic kick it gives you can last all day — which means it’s great for those treating chronic fatigue, stress, and/or depression. With a tangy, mango-like flavour, it’s no surprise Green Crack is a crowd favourite all over the world.

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Rated 5 out of 5

I like this strain. IMO, the product description is quite accurate in describing Green Crack. When I use, the cerebral buzz and focus that bursts for me, IMO, is premium! I enjoy the creativity, euphoria and focus it offers. It also doesn’t seem to promote dry eyes, as other strains do for me. The high is pretty short-lived compared to other strains. 🙂 Due to that, it would cost me a lot if I only smoked this strain, and because I’d smoke more of it and become immune anyway. lol I come down off of it pretty clean, and not left feeling tired or head heavy. It offers me mental relaxation and focus for about 30 mins to an hour after the cerebral rush. Excellent strain for certain times of the day, and when you don’t want to have lingering effects.

Rated 4 out of 5

Good strain. Very energetic while on it.

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