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JILLYBEAN –  Fruity flavours like orange and mango are what makes Jillybean sticky sweet. A hybrid leaning towards the sativa side, this strain has wonderful cerebral effects. If you’re looking for a creative, social, or euphoric high, look no further.

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Subcool rules … prefer his Vortex strain.

For being one of the more expensive strains on the site, definitely not the best bang for your buck. Bud has a potentent aroma but is dry and busts out fine making for a difficult roll. Flavour is lost after the initial toke, burns hot and you are left with a mellow high. Probably an issue in the curing process. Would suggest strawberry cough or something blue.

Not to harsh ,taste fruity with a kick ,great buzz , lots of red and frost ,tight buds

Powerfull and very nice ! Night smoke.

A very sophisticated high, flavour is delicious, and kind to the lungs.

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