Sour Jack

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Great medical stuff for the mind. Feel more SourDiesel for me. Long mellow buzz for stay productive. Day Time.

Nice buds

Really beautiful crystal green buds with orange hairs. Smells really light but with a potent gassy aroma. Heavy but smooth smoke that hits hard and fast. Made me want to get up and do something but I was so relaxed. The kind of bud for daytime smoking. Highly recommended!!!

Amazing, I love it so much especially through a bong, such nice hits and since it’s a Sativa, it kept me up to write my assignment! I love it and I definitely buy it again, and a must try

really really dank ass strain tastes real nice in bong rips and when you roll it up in a joint i haven’t tried a blunt yet, but it is probably still as good overall for the price of 155 for an ounce and it is 5 a i definitely say this is worth giving a try at least once.

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