Refer a Friend for Huge Mail Order Marijuana Savings

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BudExpressNOW already has the best prices online for weed, but we can do you even better with our Refer-a-Friend program! Earn your way to huge savings on high quality medical marijuana simply by sharing your unique link to friends. Whenever somebody makes a purchase with your link, you will automatically receive a $20 coupon in your account. Plus, your friends will receive $50 off their first purchase of over $200.


How do I get started?

Simply log into your BudExpressNOW account and obtain your unique referral link in the Points and Rewards section by clicking here or through My Account. Share it on social media or directly to your friends for store credit that can make your cannabis purchases cheaper.

All coupons are valid for 2 weeks after the acquisition and cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

So what are you waiting for? Every time someone you refer makes a purchase, both you benefit. Hook yourself up while hooking your friends up!

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I am still waiting for ANY sort of response from you exceptional customer service team, as you took my money but did not send me my products. And no one has replied to my emails or messages. Why should I recommend BXN to anyone after this experience.


Love it

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