About Us

Welcome to Puff, Puff, Pass! We’re your number one resource about cannabis, including its benefits and risks. We know many similar sites are out there, but we’re proud to say that this platform makes details and information easier to understand.

Aside from a group of experts, this site is managed by people who have tried and benefitted from using cannabis for health and medicinal purposes. So, expect us to tackle anything related to this herb.

We’ll try our best to make everything a fun read without losing the essence of what you need to know. We’ll delve into scientific studies and practical applications of cannabis. We’ll teach you about cannabis recipes. We will also share tips on using the plant to relieve pains and other health concerns.


Our Goal

While some countries are lucky enough to have cannabis rules as legal both for recreational and medicinal purposes, there are still areas that need to lift the prohibition. So aside from educating those who want to learn more about cannabis, this site also hopes to spread knowledge about the herb.

Through this, we hope to reach out to more individuals and governments to make them understand what they’re missing out on by keeping the herb’s prohibition. It’s time to right the wrong, and we can all do this together by spreading information. Let us spread the word about cannabis to doubters, decision-makers, healthcare workers, patients, and more.