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You’ve arrived at the digital doorstep of the Best Online Dispensary (aka. Online Weed Shop) in Canada. This is where you can buy sativa and shatter online, choose from the best indica strains—or just the best weed—for insomnia and anxiety, find THC concentrate for sale, pick up some weed accessories
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Customer reviews


January 22, 2019

My first order and you guys nailed it. Prompt delivery of a great product. Thank you.


January 21, 2019

Amazing. Love you guys.... Service is unreal. Active Recurring Customer from Toronto


January 18, 2019

I'm getting old and my lungs were fighting with my desire to get high. budzex helped me breathe again with the gummies. More than happy with the products.


January 18, 2019

BxN????? Wow... you're so awesome. It's my second comment but, I received today my LA Confidantial and Mozza, my first buy on BxN... just WOWW, the flowers look so nice... the smelll hummmm... DELICIOUS! Perfect!!!! I received in only 3 days(I live in Quebec).


January 17, 2019

Good Médical Weed .Bubba Kush and Rick Simpson Oil distillate .


January 15, 2019

REALLY great weed, I ordered an oz of OG Kush and it is the best weed I've ever smelled and smoked in my life! The buds themselves look so pretty and are perfectly moist and fresh. Great quality weed! I also ordered some shatter, the ak47 hits so hard and it put me right to sleep haha. I also got Green Crack, doesn't taste that great but it does get you pretty high. Free shipping and it shipped SUPER fast too, which is a factor I really consider when ordering online, having chronic pain and all. Definitely will be ordering again soon!! Thanks BXN!


January 15, 2019

Living in Quebec, I was looking for great weed online shop in Canada. I tried SQDC... too dried flowers, no choice in quality, always on shortage, too expensive for the low quality... it just looks like "pay and shut up about the choices and quality". I found Bxn yesterday and wow, many choices of strain, many kinds of quality, easy to pay, low minimum amount to ship (49$) and it's 99$ for many other shops.... Just one thing I would like to get from the website... level of Cannabinoids from all strains and it would be great to add balanced thc:cbd flower to buy.


January 14, 2019



January 14, 2019

Thoroughly impressed with your company. Thank you so much! Keep being awesome


January 14, 2019

BXN...Marry me. <3


January 13, 2019

good service and good price . love it > A++++++


January 12, 2019

i'm an old musician, and i spend my nights smokin a refer and playing jazz. i'm always looking for some weed that inspires creativity. the pink lady you have for sale right now is the most inspiring weed i've had in many thank you ...keep up the great work!