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Golden Gram Extracts Distillate Syringe
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Bully Bites CBD Pet Treats – Turmeric & Pumpkin
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White Rhino
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Strawberry Cough
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RAW Organic Rolling Papers
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White Rhino
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Vape Kit - Sky Extracts
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Dutch Treat
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Blue Dream Nuken
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Customer reviews


November 8, 2018

The headband I bought is sold out, so here's the review, and I'm going to compare it to my brick and mortar experience. So local stores are a shit show where I am, was going to get a small amount to tide me over for an order. It took a 3 hour round trip to get to a dispensary that had product. At that local store, the headband was 18 bucks a gram, sold by the gram. The pre-rolls were 10 bucks a pop. First, the count for the headband looked so damned chincy. I mean it must have been a gram, but the smallest gram I've seen. Dried out. Quality was meh. The pre-rolls wouldn't smoke, and were powdered and too compacted. The jack herer prerolls and the headband was harsh as shit. Here's my budexpressnow experience: put in an order Sunday, arrives today, headband. It was on sale, for an ounce it was about 5 bucks a gram. I don't weigh the shit I buy on the internet. I've never had a small count. Beautifully manicured, beautifully cured, frosted out the wazoo and just visually looks like a better quality product. Smoke is a lot smoother, I'm not hacking out my lungs, and it;'s got a nice floral after taste. Legalization is turning out pretty much as I've expected. Canadian MOMs are IMO basically the best, and budexpressnow has been the best MOM I've dealt with. Compared to an industry leader brick and mortar that grows their own product locally... No contest.


November 5, 2018

Just got my pink lady and am super excited took a little while with canada post but all good im happy ordering agian for sure


November 5, 2018

I have been a customer of BXN for a year now, and there was ever only one order that came wrong(and I order a lot) and they made it right as soon as I messaged them, no questions asked. You can tell these people like what they do, and appreciate their customers, and return customers. This is the only MOM I use I actually use them over my Licensed Producer(I have a medical document) thanks again BXN.


November 3, 2018

You guys are awesome!!! I got my ounce of pink lady for that amazing price... and wow !!!! I really like the high I get with the pink lady... I also got KING LOUIS and that once is simply awesome.... definitely my new favorite …. will be ordering again shortly... Big Up BXN!!!


November 3, 2018

Very happy with the efficiency of this website and professionalism. Quality product and easy to navigate through the site. 3 days and I had my product. Proper receipt and tracking numbers. Thanks BXN!!


November 2, 2018

Thanks bxn! Got the grinder and my new order right on time for the weekend ...


October 31, 2018

I’ve purchased weed from here twice now and the first time everything was awesome


October 25, 2018

Ordered once again through this website and am always amazed at how fast they process the orders . Even with the looming rotating postal strikes I got my order today and as always top notch products . Thanks BXN and keep up the great work.


October 22, 2018

Thx bxn! Got my gsc just when i needed it most! Lol


October 14, 2018

I just placed a order here a few days ago.I hope all goes well.Reading these comments makes me feel better


October 11, 2018

Since the two items I bought recently sold out, and I can't leave feedback there, will do it here. Quick ship as always. Double A kush and purple rockstar discount bags. Hell yeah. Double A 89 buck an ounce popcorn bubs, well trimmed, pretty dense. Smoked awesome, got the job done for a heavy toker after a week or so break. Left the rockstar for later as I figured it'd hit harder. Got a really funky, almost fruity nose to it. Maybe a little bit kush and spice. Any sale ounce I consider top/bottom jar and at a buck 50, I'm not complaining. Small to medium-large buds, quite a bit of ink splotching on the buds, everyone's a sucker for da purp. Pretty little bud. Sticky icky cure, a bit wet for my liking but not bad. It hit me like a wrecking ball Ron Jeremy style, man, after about a week off. A+ quit stealing my discount bags. Fuck I'd buy another ounce at a buck 50 right now if there were any in stock. So pretty.


October 9, 2018

Have made 1 orders of the 89$ AA quality (GCG) kush and one order for 99$ ( kandy kush, green wonder ) and I have no complaints for the price, the green wonder was earthy busted out okay and was kinda harsh but a great high, the kandy kush had an amazing smell that u can say was like a cheese strain mixed with a diesel, busted up really nice and smelled even stronger tastes awesome and had a great high for a few hours, amazing quality for the price, look forward to trying a AAAA nug pre rolls once my I.D. is accepted!