Crucial Stages in Planting Marijuana

Crucial Stages in Planting Marijuana

An average weed plant grows from germination to harvest in around three to eight months or 32 weeks. However, the process will go more quickly if you begin with an auto flower or clone seed.

The length of time it takes a weed plant to grow varies the greatest during the vegetative phase. If you’re planting indoors, you can either speed up the flowering process if it’s small or gradually if it’s larger.

Take note of the following stages when growing marijuana:

Seed Germination

Duration: Three to ten days

The first stage of growing a weed plant starts with the seed. A healthy marijuana seed should have a light or dark brown color, with a texture of dry and hard. If the seed is undeveloped, it is usually soft, white, or green and unlikely to germinate.

You will notice the stalk rising when roots develop. Then, the fan leaves will grow, signifying that the plant is now a seedling.

Seedling Stage

Duration: Two to three weeks

You’ll note that your weed plant starts to grow the distinctive fan-shaped leaves of cannabis once it reaches the seedling stage. The plant initially only produces one-ridge blade leaves.

The number of blades or fingers on the leaves will increase as new growth appears. A cannabis plant is considered a seedling until it produces new fan leaves with all its blades. A seedling should have a vivid shade of green.

Be vigilant because your weed plant is more prone to develop mold and illnesses at this stage. Keep the area tidy and keep an eye out for too much dampness.

Vegetative Stage

Duration: Three to 16 weeks

This stage of weed planting is a critical period where the plant experiences significant growth. You must now have transplanted your plants for them to continue growing.

As the plant develops, be mindful of increasing your watering. When it’s young, the plant needs water near the stalk.

Flowering Stage

Duration: Eight to 11 weeks

The last and most exciting stage of cannabis growing is the flowering stage. The plant will begin to produce resinous buds at this point, and all of your efforts will pay off.

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