How Many Harvests Can You Get From Growing Cannabis Plants?

How Many Harvests Can You Get From Growing Cannabis Plants?

As more states legalize marijuana and it gains popularity, more homeowners are testing their gardening skills by cultivating their marijuana at home.

The size of a plant depends on many factors. But, if you are cultivating a healthy weed, you can anticipate the following harvests from each plant:

  • Indoor plant – 112 grams of buds
  • Outdoor plant – 224 grams of buds

Remember that the numbers above are estimates. Because they aren’t constrained by space when you grow them outside, plants can typically grow enormous; it’s not unusual for them to weigh close to one pound or more each.

Space is a common constraint when growing indoors; a plant can’t grow as large in a tent as it can in a large, open basement. Your grow light’s power is another restriction on you.

Additionally, these projections assume healthy plants. Expect far less from a plant if it lacks nutrients, receives insects, or doesn’t get enough light.

Regardless of how big your plant turns out to be, you will harvest a handful of flowers – more than enough than what you need. Many growers will set aside a portion of their flower crop for smoking and use the remainder to create edibles, extracts, and other marijuana-related goods.

Think about how much marijuana you will use per day or depending on the frequency you need it. It will help a lot in determining the number of weeds to grow. If planting indoors, you can grow one plant at a time to keep a continual cycle of growth, harvesting it, and starting another.

Like any crop, such as fruit, maize, or wheat, the yield of a weed plant is the number of dried buds you collect from it. When growing marijuana, you should aim for high-quality and high-yielding buds. But, you must give it time, testing phases, and practice to attain a desirable outcome in planting weeds.

Given that buds can be sparse and fragile, a large plant does not always imply a large yield. Additionally, multiple plants can grow on top of one another and shield the other from the sun, lowering yields. Make sure that each plant has ample space to grow.

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