Is It Required to Put Ice in a Bong?

Is It Required to Put Ice in a Bong?

Using ice in your bong can significantly improve smoking tastes and experiences. Hot, hard hits from bongs are infamous for being painful to the throat. But, adding ice to your bong can make these problems go away.

Many bongs have built-in ice catches, three prongs facing inward and situated around halfway up the neck of the bong. You can still add ice to the bong water if your bong lacks an ice catch.

The advantages of using ice in your bong include the following:

  • Reduces the harshness on your throat by cooling the cigarette before inhalation
  • Results in smoother and cooler impacts by adding a layer of filtering

Contrary to smoking from dry pipes or joints, using a water pipe like a bong offers an added layer of physical filtering. Additionally, some flimsy research suggests that chilling your bong may lessen the number of toxins released into the air when it burns.

Although packing your bong with ice isn’t strictly unsafe, certain health issues must be considered.

Smoking inside can expose you to dangerous particle concentrations higher than those in households where cigarette smoking is practiced.

You can take larger, deeper pulls by cooling the smoke in your bong by adding ice to it.

This may give rise to speculation over how much tar bongs deliver, although there is little evidence to back this up.

Using a bong, especially with ice, may worsen bronchitis because prolonged smoke exposure can induce it.

Lastly, sporadic lung illnesses connected to regular bong usage have been made. One patient’s case demonstrated the existence of germs in both the bong water and their lungs, despite the possibility that other variables were at work. This emphasizes how crucial regular bong cleaning is.

By chilling the smoke in your bong, you may take larger hits and increase your blood alcohol level. But, doing so also entails using more marijuana and developing a greater tolerance.

Check to see if your bong has an ice catch made up of three tiny indentations in the bong’s neck. If you don’t have an ice catch, you can progressively cool down the water in your bong by adding a few ice cubes.

You can fill your bong with cold water instead of ice if you’re concerned about breathing in water vapor. The smoke will still be cooled by the water’s cooler temperature, lessening the severity of the throat-burning effects.

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