The Effects of Cannabis on Fighting Cancer Cells

The Effects of Cannabis on Fighting Cancer Cells

Experts suggest that cannabis may be able to inhibit or stop cancer growth. A study done at the Israel Institute of Technology entailed examining different cannabis extracts on various cancer cell types in vitro or without using actual live subjects or animal models.

The findings showed that specific cannabis plant extracts efficiently stopped the survival and reproduction of malignant cells and even in inducing cell death. This study advances our knowledge of the efficacy of whole-plant cannabis components in the treatment of cancer by supplementing the body of prior research on the subject.

The findings expand the gathered data about how specific compounds in cannabis can inhibit the spread of cancer. They can be used to back up previous claims about cannabis’ effectiveness in administering palliative therapy to cancer patients. Specifically, cannabis is potent in managing side effects caused by chemotherapy, such as appetite loss, vomiting, pain, and nausea.

Over the years, many laboratory studies have successfully proven how certain components in cannabis can help prevent cancer. Research in the field has gone a long way since the first published study about cannabis’ anti-cancer properties in 1975.

Both cannabinoids produced internally and cannabinoids obtained externally can modify the ECS, which controls vital processes, including pain, sleep, and hunger.

In the study, 12 different cannabis extracts with unique cannabinoid combinations were tested on 12 other cancer cell lines. The findings showed that some cannabis extracts could stop cancer cells from growing and surviving and even cause them to die. The study also emphasized combining various cannabis mixtures to get multiple medical results.

This study expands on earlier research that established the therapeutic benefits of different cannabinoids and the efficacy of combining various cannabis mixtures to treat multiple diseases. Cannabinoids are also efficient at causing cell death in skin cancer and breast cancer cells, according to research.

However, prior research has mainly concentrated on CBD and THC interactions with cancer cells. The Technion team’s most recent research is distinctive in that it focuses on the diverse anti-cancer effects that distinct cannabis combinations can have on various cancers.

The study charts the interactions between different mixtures and shows how they might be applied to treat particular cancer types. Doctors generally endorse them as a helpful ally in managing cancer-related conditions.

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