Proper Ways of Grinding Cannabis

Proper Ways of Grinding Cannabis

Cannabis must be grounded before smoking if you want a consistent and smooth experience. The simplest and most effective way to crush cannabis is with a grinder made just for this reason.

Most grinders can be used using this procedure, but you must adhere to the precise instructions for your specific grinder model. Even though grinders have drawbacks like degrading the herb and losing volatile terpenes, you can prevent these by only grinding what you’ll need in one sitting.

Make sure your marijuana buds are clear of stems and seeds before placing them on the teeth of the grinder to begin grinding your cannabis. Maintain space in the grinder’s center so that it can pivot.

The grinder should get smoother after the first few rounds, even though you might first sense resistance. Rotate the grinder around ten times.

The ground marijuana should have dropped into the grinder’s storage container after roughly ten rotations. Take the ground marijuana out of the storage container, turn on the grinder, and enjoy!

Grinding Weed Without a Grinder

There are several items lying around the house you can use to grind weed if you don’t have a grinder. Try the following techniques:

1. Coffee Grinder

You can grind cannabis in a coffee grinder in addition to coffee beans. Before and after usage, make sure to clean the grinder. Simply place your buds loosely into the coffee grinder and operate it as you would typically crush coffee.

2. Credit Card

It’s not difficult to grind cannabis using a credit card. With the edge of a credit card, finely chop your buds after placing them on a spotless, flat surface like a cutting board. After use, clean your card carefully; otherwise, it might not swipe correctly.

3. Knife and Cutting Board

Finely chop your blossoms using a sharp knife and cutting board. If one of them gets sticky, immediately clean it with isopropyl alcohol.

4. Mortar and Pestle

This approach performs best with dry or decarbed marijuana. Put your marijuana in the mortar and pestle, then grind. Don’t pound too hard.

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