Recipe for Weed Gummies

Recipe for Weed Gummies

It’s crucial to comprehend the emulsification process if you’re new to manufacturing marijuana gummies. Cannabis oil won’t naturally connect with water or some of the melting ingredients in gummies, which could lead to an uneven or divided concoction.

To guarantee an even mixing of all the ingredients, use emulsifiers that help in achieving the right consistencies of the gummies. Your best options include soy or sunflower lecithin.

Cannabis oil is a common ingredient in weed gummy recipes because it is simple to prepare and deal with. A few recipes, nevertheless, advise employing tinctures or other extracts. A powerful blender with high RPMs can be used to purée the mixture to emulsify the contents. High-speed agitation will emulsify the ingredients and produce a homogeneous mixture.

It’s vital to keep in mind that there is a tolerance for potency in home-brewed infusions, and without lab testing, it might be challenging to ensure the potency of your edibles. It is advised to buy cannabis infusions from legal markets to ensure the effectiveness of your handmade cannabis-infused edibles.

There is a secure procedure for individuals who prefer to produce their cannabis infusions. You must have a burner, pot, whisk, dropper, gummy bear mold (or worms), and freezer to begin.


  • You’ll need a pot, whisk, fine-mesh strainer, dropper, gummy molds, coconut oil that has been infused with cannabis, sunflower/soy lecithin, flavored and unflavored gelatin, and water to prepare cannabis-infused candies.
  • Put water in a pot over low flames. Add cannabis-infused coconut oil and sunflower/soy lecithin. Stirring is necessary to get a uniform texture and complete melting of the oil. The flavored and unflavored gelatin should be added, constantly being stirred.
  • Leave to boil while keeping the temperature low for up to 15 minutes, while stirring occasionally until the gelatin has completely dissolved.
  • Stain the mixture to remove any undissolved gelatin. Then, immediately fill the gummy molds with the liquid using a dropper to avoid having the liquid cool and separate. The remaining mixture must be stirred frequently to prevent hardening.
  • After the molds are full, freeze the gummies for 20 to 25 minutes.

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