5 Benefits of Cannabis for Health and Recreation

Benefits of cannabis use medical and recreational

The benefits of cannabis are obvious to its users; the plant has been used for thousands of years by many different cultural groups around the world, for both health and recreational reasons. Other posts on BudExpressNOW’s blog will cover uses specific to certain marijuana strains, concentrates, consumption methods, and dosages, but until then here are 5 general benefits of cannabis use.

Relieves pain and stress

One of the top reasons for marijuana use is reducing or managing pain. Especially for those with chronic pain, arthritis, and sleep problems, cannabis has been an option for relief. The plant, when smoked, ingested, or applied topically, carries active ingredients that can impact the receptors in the human body that trigger a response of pain.

Reduces nausea

Cannabis has been known to subdue nausea, especially with chemotherapy patients. This is because the symptom has more to do with your brain than your upset stomach; since marijuana is a mind-altering substance, it acts as a mitigator the same way it soothes pain.

Makes you happy, relaxed, and/or sociable

Cannabis strains are categorized in three distinct classifications based on their geographical origins: indica, sativa, and hybrid — each carrying having a different effect on the brain and body. Indica strains tend to be physically sedating, helping users relax or sleep. Sativa strains are typically more uplifting, faring well for social gatherings and creativity. Hybrids fall somewhere within the indica-sativa spectrum.

Means of introspection

As a psychoactive drug, cannabis stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain that otherwise would be less active. For this reason, the euphoric experience of using marijuana can translate to self-reflection and – on a spiritual scale – enlightenment. Users report experiencing a “higher consciousness,” making it a viable option for creative blocks and other hindrances to self-awareness.

Energy boost

Cannabis use effects the brain’s flow of dopamine and cannabinoid receptors. However, every strain has different properties, thus triggering different responses in the body. Sativa-dominant strains are the closest linked to bursts of energy and productivity.

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