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    So impressed with the service! Thanks, I’ll be ordering again soon!


    Just wanted to add my two cents here.
    This site has been a life saver.

    I suffer from chronic migraines and for the past 30+ years have tried a variety of treatments some worked better than others but for those there was usually a side effect that was just as much of a nightmare as the migraine in the first place.

    Finding out marijuana helped my migraines was a life saver. It ACTUALLY worked. It doesn’t make them go away, or cure them but it makes the pain manageable and LET’S ME SLEEP.

    But I have zero desire to shop around, or well, shop at all (even for socks I mean c’mon why?) being able to place orders online and have them delivered to my door is HUGE. Thank you.

    Let me also add a little plea;

    Last time I smoked a joint was well… decades ago and it was too strong and made me violently ill so sadly the mere smell of it today makes my stomach go “ugh. no.”

    So, thank YOU for having vapes and flavoured options available! PLEASE don’t stop offering this. It’s really important. I can’t smoke a joint, and when I have a migraine the edibles aren’t an option. The flavoured pens and cartridges are truly the best for my situation. I notice they aren’t as well stocked as they used to be I really hope that’s only temporary. Otherwise I’m essentially screwed – again.

    Vape on, my dudes. Vape on.
    This is Kim, out.

    (that last bit wasn’t necessary, I know but meh, don’t care – and I’m not even high)


    Awesome Service Very happy with the product and pricing!


    I ordered on a Friday and got my product the following Tuesday. From Vancouver to Saskatchewan. Not bad for speed.


    Great customer care and fast service! Will definitely be back

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