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C-WARP – A widely-grown outdoor strain from Texada Island combining C-Weed and Texada Timewarp, this uplifting strain will leave you with a long-lasting, functional high. Organically grown in the magical Slocan Valley, these sativa-dominant buds are naturally high in CBD, making them an excellent choice for the medical patient. Bright green buds have an old-school taste and smell, with a generous coating of trichomes on the exterior. Ease away aches and pains while lifting the spirits. Recommended for day use.

**This product is excluded from cart discount codes.

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personally I prefer this over the pink lady. pink lady smells nicer and tastes better, but I prefer the high on this (maybe slightly more indica, although I prefer sativa dominant hybrid strains). For the price, can’t go wrong. I’d reorder this over and over just to always have this around. Love it!

So although they don’t have much info on this strain in description, apparently it has an average of 2.9% cbd… which is around 3-30 times more than ordinary strains, however it doesn’t have low thc like the strains grown specifically for cbd. This is amazing for the 79$ oz price they just reduced… about $2.80 for a gram, a coffee or a gram of anti cancerous weed? Lol. Been a cig here yet smoker for years, using some cbd I’m sure wouldn’t hurt the recovery process of quitting cigarettes.

Great strain for the price, but personally a fan of the pink lady better

Not to shabby. Very leafy/stemy lol gets the job done I guess though!

Great taste mild buzz great price

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