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VIOLATOR – A Hindu Kush cross packed with high THC and moderate CBD, this Indica-dominant hybrid is fast-acting and potent. An earthy aroma combines with spicy pine to create feelings of sedation, couch-lock and chronic munchies. Medium-sized nugs are bright green with amber undertones and a layer of fiery orange hairs. Violator is the ideal strain for those suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss or those recovering from illness or injury. Recommended for evening use.

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Customer Reviews

If anyone suffers with pain…This is rated at 100%! You will not find a better strain than this! I take Tylenol #3’s and some times I get a severe pain from my left thigh right down to the heel of my foot…and the Tylenol #3’s will not work at all. But this stuff works so good that after 15 minutes you don’t even know you have legs! Very potent…Just like it says in the Product description (Recommended for evening use) I love it.

Amazing stuff!
Loved the high that was given, and best sex of my life!
Absolutely going to be purchasing this strain continuously.

This bud has a wicked smell and taste and is something i would take out to impress friends.
5 star bud at a reasonable price
thanks bxn

This stuff is potent!!

the indica for me. super sedative without gluing you to the couch. nice taste. nice smell. looks nice. maybe a bit dry but nothing too bad. 4.5 stars.

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