Client Reviews

  • harold_420

    I am quite regular at this amazing place best service and cannabis hands down always highly recommend for Canadian smokers

  • missmichelle

    very very impressed of product the kush is just so fucking amazing and i never get high like that , keep going guys you rock

  • 705ers

    This website is revolutionary. You get it fast, discreet and the staff online is always reliable and useful. Great products. Great services. Will buy again and again

  • budlove448

    I had a great first experience at Budexpressnow. There was a large selection of different strains to choose from and it arrived fast and safe! Accurate amounts and amazing highs, too

  • Vicky

    This website has the best quality selection for the cheapest prices!! You can sign up no hassle but when you make a purchase you have to show you're over 19 yrs old. Shatter, cannabis, and even pre rolled joints among the strongest indicas, the sweetest sativas I've ever smoked, and it's all medical grade! The sale section has weed that's very compassionately priced. Not too many options makes it easier to chose, plus there are packs to try a bunch at once. Overall such a quick process, great online dispensary!

  • rickm269

    Friendly reps always available to help via email! Awesome variety of products. Always a rotating stock of strains allowing to test and find the perfect for you. Would highly recommend.

  • brentBC

    I bought twice from them, weed and shatter. The email customer service is VERY good. There was a problem with one of my orders and the staff did an awesome job in resolving it. They are always available and they answer fast. They often have crazy sales and promotions and there is a huge selection. I would gladly recommend!

  • Allan

    Best online bud shop around , quick easy& fast delivery . Problems if any are solved fast , Best selection . LA confidential best bud ever , Customer for Life , thank you Budexpressnow .

  • Leslie

    my qp of northern lights 5came in last week it's awesome! had some trouble processing my order but customer service was top notch. cant wait to try all your products

  • dragonjd

    this delivery service is the best in canada for customer service an the quality of the cannabis & packageing i'll never use another site again keep up the good work thanks -J.D.

  • Angelo

    Without a doubt the best weed ive ever smoked, thanks!!!

  • 420carl

    Just got the sativa sample pack & so impressed. Smells amazing, covered in kief, best high ever thanks bxn

  • biancav

    My massive package arrived super fast and scot free. You couldn’t even tell there was weed in it even though it was loud! Best cannabis I’ve ever smoked, especially LA Confidential.

  • Shawn

    I am pleased to announce the succeful delivery of my product with only 1 day delay. Which can be expected with the Bc wildfires. The quality of the product however “pineapple express” is…….. drum roll please….. bomb as **** I recommend this product to all my 420 friends